What Is A Food Forest or a Forest Garden?
A Food Forest is a well-designed system of edible perennial plants that support one another and that once planted require no financial or manpower inputs to continue to produce food for a very long time.

Plant it once, harvest for years and years.

What Is A Gift Economy?
You know that feeling when you give something to or do something for someone you care about, and they absolutely love it? How your heart feels bright and happy?

A gift economy is doing that on a different scale.

Giving something of value — an object, a service, or whatnot — without an explicit agreement of future rewards. Here are a few links with much more detailed information:
Wikipedia’s well-worth-reading entry on Gift Economies
Designing for Generosity

You’re doing a lot of stuff here, how are you going to get it all done by yourselves?
Oh, man! There’s no WAY we could do this by ourselves! And we don’t want to — we want to do this with awesome people like you!

I mean, aside from the whole “crowdfunding takes a crowd” aspect, part of the fun about this process is all the fabulous people we’re getting to meet and do fun, creative, transformative stuff with.

This farm is already a little vortex of serendipity, and that trend is going to continue.

What happens if the blueberry farm is sold before you meet your goal?
First, I have myself a big old boohoo, and find a bunch of moving boxes. Then, we use the funds contributed so far to establish a food forest in York, PA regardless of where Vanessa and I end up.

There are several ways this could happen, but what we’re focusing on is moving forward with establishing York’s first food forest farm right here. Wanna help?


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