Brief update on where things stand with the farm, life, and everything:

Blueberry season is still chugging along, though it’s much slower (and hotter) now. The blueberry farm is still for sale at the reduced price. Like hundreds of farmers every week, I will have to leave the farm.

I’ve gotten the first round of approval from the founders of Spoutwood Farm, a 501c3 educational farm in York, have scouted a section of land there and will be submitting a formal presentation to the board of directors to establish my first gift economy food forest in York on Spoutwood land. (Spoutwood is the home of the PA Fairy Festival and Mother Earth Harvest Festival and is an amazing place.)

I’m still moving through the grieving process after mom’s death, and handling her affairs and effects with as much grace and efficacy as I can muster. Her memorial service was lovely, and I will be traveling to North Carolina scattering her ashes in the coming weeks. I’ve been putting some of her writing online at Finish Your Story

The “uncoupling” process I’m going through after a 9 year relationship (holy crap! how’d that happen?) is going awkwardly, but with good intent on both sides.

It will be way easier when we’re not living under the same roof, and I’m looking forward to our friendship continuing for a good long time.

Letting go of my dream connected this land that I love so much is hard. I’m grateful for the time I’ve had here, as well as whatever little time I have left here.

Over the years I’ve developed tools to cope with and overcome emotional hardship (Gratitude Gatherings is one of those tools) and I’m especially grateful for them now.

The non profit exists, and remains on hold as board and program focus adjustments are made. The reboot will happen once I’m settled elsewhere (hopefully in York) and our program focus will be clarified as placemaking (which will incorporate but not be limited to the fusion of art and agriculture.)

In September I’ll be giving my first public workshop at the Horn Farm Center’s Homesteading Days event. I’ll be talking about hugelkultur for beginners, (working title: Hooga-what?) and it’ll be awesome if I’ve overcome my fear of public speaking by then. I’ve been overcoming a lot of fears lately so it’s looking good.

I hope very much to stay in York, and stay involved with local farming and food, in ways that offer things to the general public and raise awareness about our local foodshed in delightful ways.

To make that happen, I’m working to launch an Edible Magazine for the Susuehanna Valley/White Rose area. I’ve secured almost all the funding needed to purchase the license, and have 6 days to raise the last few thousand dollars.

If you’d like to help, I’ve got an all-or-nothing IndieGogo running with a minimum contribution amount of $1 here:

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and support, they continue to mean a whole lot to me and I’m very grateful for you.

Love & Gratitude,


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