All the things.

Oofda. So many things. You know that feeling when a whole bunch of stuff has happened and you’ve no idea where to start? Yeah ~ that’s where I’m at right now. So many things.

Let’s start with an adorable thing. Here’s a picture of Wooster, my rooster, on Independence Day. So dapper. He’s a great little rooster.


Next: yes, the farm is still up for sale and the price has been lowered.

But the new lower price is still pretty high.

That makes me hopeful that there’s still time to turn *this* farm into a food forest farm.

But there’s a whole, complex pile of urgent family and personal matters still unfolding at the moment.
(Urgent matters including but not limited to: I’m still dealing with my mother’s household, studio and remaining artwork, and helping my dad decide on a place to live. Yes, I wish he could live here. That won’t happen without me holding a lease or a deed, because he understandably needs more stability than I do. I’m recovering from an exciting health thing (yay for being alive!) Vanessa and I are uncoupling, as harmoniously as possible. Because my personal overhead is going to increase drastically this fall, I’ve begun the process of starting an Edible magazine ~ a gorgeous lifestyle publication focused on the local food movement ~ for the York/Lancaster/Gettysburg/Harrisburg area. I’ve secured over a third of the required investment, and need to complete that before August to hold on to this doozy of a territory I created. I figure it’s way more ethical to *create* a job I’m passionate about than to hunt for one I’m less than stoked over and possibly take it away from someone who *would* be. I’ve got to arrange the trip for family to travel to the place mom wanted her ashes scattered, and then go do that. There’s other stuff, but you get the idea. When it rains and all that.)

So it’s going to be a week or three before I jump back into focusing on the campaign to save the farm.

When I do, it’s possible that I’ll be reaching out to some innovative local organizations to partner up and make this happen (this art-filled food forest farm placemaking bonanza, that is.)

If that doesn’t come together quickly, I will return to the concept of creating a small food forest and labyrinth on one of the established educational farms in the area. York has immense placemaking potential and I’d like to see it continue to be realized.

Multiple possibilities exist, and times of chaos (like this) are times of great opportunity. Fortunately, I’m persistent and stubbornly optimistic.

Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement, and for  continuing to support this dream of mine.

I intend to create as much nourishment, beauty and wonder in this amazing world of ours as I possibly can, and this food forest farm project is a big step in that direction.


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