2014 Blueberry Season Quick Update

green berriesA quick update about the 2014 blueberry season ~ opening day is Friday, July 4th, and the farm will be open for blueberry picking from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week.

The owner has raised the price of berries to $3.40 per pound this year, and we are still growing them with love and zero pesticides or herbicides.



5 thoughts on “2014 Blueberry Season Quick Update

    • Hi Sharon ~ that’s always a subjective question, lol! There are folks delighted by how many berries are still on the bushes at this point this season, and folks who aren’t tickled looking inside the bushes and around the bottom.

      “Easy picking” is always in the beginning of the season, but there are a lot more berries now than at the end of last July.

      I hope that’s helpful!
      🙂 Eleanor

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