A Year And A Day

E_V_By_BarnA year and a day ago Vanessa and I launched our current campaign to save the blueberry farm, and transform it into a sustainable art-filled food forest farm.

I am so grateful for your support and encouragement along this journey, which has already had many twists and turns.

The many side roads that we’ve explored over the past year (with the intent of effecting the large-scale changes I envision) included not only the start of our nonprofit organization, Widespread Resilience, but also a time-consuming foray into the world of unscripted television.

It’s a weird-ass world, let me tell you.

But, despite having received a couple of (almost acceptable) offers, it has taken too long for things to adequately materialize on that end and we’re not going to continue to pursue it as a platform at this time.

Oh my, though — was it ever exciting when it looked like we’d be able to operate this season on a gift economy basis. Sadly, we won’t. 2014 season berries are still paid for by the pound with the money going to the owner to cover some of the costs of operating the farm — but it was close there for a while.

There is big news, however:

We have decided to find a local organization to partner with to create a smaller food forest now, because so few people have heard of food forests, and it takes so long for them to be created and get established.

We’ve selected several York-based locations that are excellent possibilities and are in the process of reaching out to them to explore the potential of establishing York’s First Food Forest on their land, while we continue developing our nonprofit organization. (So many simultaneous learning curves!)

When we have reached an agreement, we will announce the location of York’s First Food Forest, and in the meantime will keep the campaign running. All contributions to the current campaign WILL be used to create a food forest, it’s just going to be somewhere other than on the blueberry farm.

This is not to say that we have abandoned all hope of someday transforming this particular farm, but it has been a year now and it’s still up for sale.

As much as I believe in miracles it doesn’t look like we’ll magic up a million before the start of blueberry season so it makes several kinds of sense to go ahead and create York’s First Food Forest elsewhere.

Then we will be able to point to the food forest and say “this, but bigger!”  

I look forward to there being many food forests and food forest farms, starting in York (because York is particularly awesome) and expanding nationally.

So! This is where we stand at a year and a day, and this is where we’re headed. I hope you’ll want to continue the journey with us!

Thank you again for your help and encouragement, and I look forward to sharing the literal fruits of our labor with you sooner rather than later!

Walk in Beauty,
May 2, 2014


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