How a party I’ve never been to is probably like my life’s purpose

Lucidity Festivals shared this article from The Mind Unleashed on the 8 Ways Transformational Festivals Can Change Your Life And Change The World, and I wanted to share it with you.

What’s funny is that I haven’t yet been to a transformative festival.

The first time I heard of Burning Man was in 2001 or 2002 when someone told me that I reminded them of the vibe of the event, and that I would love the experience.

It was a lovely complement, and I agree: I would. Will. Whenever it happens.

What resonates most deeply with what I read/hear/see of transformative festivals is that they seem very much like a different but fabulous, short-term version of the Resiliency Engines (creative micro-communities) which are my long term goal.

My Purpose-with-capital-P.

Art-filled food forest farms (like the one I am working to create now) are an important aspect of them, in conjunction with other resiliency-enhancing, sustainable, creative placemaking elements like the creative healing arts placemaking project I am helping a friend to form in southern York.

Milissa is following her heart, too, and bravely moving and expanding her established family massage practice into a new space and a new kind of blended social/business placemaking venture that we do not yet have an established lexicon for because we are still in the vanguard of the placemaking movement and the vocabulary does not yet exist.

Our hearts know the language, though, and our words will eventually catch up.

Anyhoo. I can’t say with certainty until I *have* been to one or several transformative festivals, but I my gut says that if you have been to some ~ if you imagine translating the positive and transformative vibe of this kind festival experience into a small, replicatable, service-based creative community that operates largely (though possibly not exclusively) on a gift economy basis, you are likely to be imagining a big part of my vision of Resiliency Engines, and what I am ultimately working towards.

The mountaintop towards which I am headed, taking any road that resonates and trusting my gut regardless if how weird or unconnected things may seem from the outside.

I believe that every step taken consciously and with an open heart is part of the journey and moves me closer to that mountaintop.

I strongly believe that we are at a point in human history where we can co-create a world that works for everyone ~ the 100%.

I believe that we can build a diverse, thriving, blended economy in which structures exist to support not only profit-making and traditional non-profit ventures, but large GIFT-based ventures as well, in ways that harmonize and benefit one another.

I believe we can do this.
I believe in miracles.

I believe this is the possibly most amazing time to be alive.

To be able to witness and actively participate in this massive, heart-based transformation fills me with inexpressible joy and gratitude.

Thank you for being here with me.


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