How Do You #LetLifeIn?


The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty was just released on DVD, and the creators of the Find Your Frame 25 Project reached out to me recently, having seen the story about us on Huffington Post, and asked to include me among 24 inspirational stories on the Frame 25 website about people’s “Mitty Moments.”

I am amazed (and honored and delighted) to be included in such fascinating and world-changing group of people brave enough to listen to the wisdom of their hearts.

That’s the secret, by the way, to a fulfilling life: listen to the wisdom of your heart. You will not be led astray.

Anyhoo, squee! Wouldn’t it be absolutely freaking *magnificent* if enough people found their way to our campaign to create York’s first Food Forest Farm to help leapfrog us to our goal?

Everything is possible, and here’s hoping!

If you’re new to this whole journey, welcome!

And if you like the idea of a sustainable, art-filled food forest farm where interesting perennial crops are grown with love and offered to you as a gift, you can help make it happen by supporting our crowdfunding campaign and sharing our vision with your friends!


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