I Have A Dream

The question “what dream are you following?” was posed on Lucidity Festivals’ Facebook page and (in addition to being able to attend some of their amazing gatherings) this was my answer:

“The dream I am following is to create a food forest farm, filled with interactive outdoor art, operated on a gift economy.

I’m intending to start it on the blueberry farm I currently steward.

My long term dream is to create Resiliency Engines, which are small, sustainable, service-based intentional communities that model positive alternatives to unsustainable housing, healing and farming practices while actively focusing on creative placemaking, inclusive spirituality and having a trickle UP effect on the surrounding community.

I intend to use the non profit I founded this year, Widespread Resilience, to create a new kind of land trust that removes land from the speculative market to support gift economy and creative placemaking ventures around the nation, much like the farming and preservation trusts that exist now.

My dream is to connect with other practical visionaries with whom my dream resonates, and for these projects to come together with more speed and delight than anyone expected.”

Aside from the “crowdfunding takes a crowd” aspect of raising the funds for the farm, this dream of mine involves partnering with a lot of really wonderful and talented people ~ volunteers, artists, permaculturists, healers, science buffs, natural builders, teachers and so on ~ to co-create something entirely new that I very much hope becomes commonplace.

I’m delighted to have you join me on this journey ~ it’s an interesting one with an especially fabulous destination.


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