It’s a Thing!

One of the challenges I’m overcoming on this journey is the translation of my vision into language, and very recently I discovered that there’s actually a word for what we’re doing here, and it’s not “farm,” it’s not “retreat,” it’s not “awesome thingabobber,” it’s placemaking.

Who knew? We’re making a place!

(Side note: “Who Knew?” is the slogan of York, PA, which really is a surprisingly delightful place. We knew bupkis about York when we moved here other than it was gorgeous, but it’s awesome. And becoming more awesome all the time!)

The concept of placemaking is still new enough that, like the word permaculture, not everyone has heard of it. Here’s a quick little TEDx talk about placemaking (which just happens to combine arts and agriculture, too, albeit in a different way.)

It’s so good to have an expanding lexicon to describe these things!

And it’s validating to discover that yes, the impact on the surrounding community is indeed positive, as we know it will be, when, with the help of other visionaries (like you?) we have transformed this farm into York, PA’s First Food Forest Farm!



2 thoughts on “It’s a Thing!

  1. Hello, You will probably want to correct your last donation category to 99,999 donors needed (at $10,each)—just double the number of $20. donors you would require. (I do a lot of proofreading). Best wishes, Margy King, Chapel Hill,, NC

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