Let Me Draw You A Picture…

This little sketch is the preliminary map of the placemaking magic we intend to work once our crowdfunding campaign to buy the blueberry farm succeeds.

We will be partnering with other artists and passionate permaculturists to flesh out and develop the outdoor art shrines and installations and specific perennial polycultures within the food forest areas.

Our focus with the polycultures will be on interesting foods that may be unfamiliar to most people, and that do not compete with other, more traditional local growers.

The farm will operate on a gift economy basis, which is made possible by crowdfunding the resources to buy the land.

It’s a new kind of farm, and one I believe can have a positive impact on the community, and serve as a model for what’s possible now.

I hope this rough map helps you visualize the niftyness we’re working towards here, and perhaps even inspires you to join with us to create York PA’s first food forest farm because it’s going to be amazing.


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