The Last of the Snow Days

We got a nice little blanket of snow overnight here on the farm ~ certainly not for the first time this winter but it’s extra magical and gorgeous because it may be the last.

It seems like just the other day we were in tshirts, clearing away downed trees and branches that had long been frozen in place during the many ice storms this winter… oh wait, it was!

This time of spring is always such a funny, unpredictable time.

Normally I have this mental picture of winter as some wise, silent, graceful entity that encourages introspection and rest.

Now it seems more like an exhaustion-drunk toddler refusing to stay in bed for fear it might miss something.

Either way, the farm is gorgeous in the snow and even though the sun’s not up yet, everything is glowing that luminous, reflective, early morning blue and we can get around outside without a flashlight.

The chickens may be extra stir-crazy today because they’ve finally been able to be outside lately but as for me, I’m delighted by this (probably) last snowfall of winter.

Here’s hoping that wherever you are, you’re warm and cozy and enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.

:> Eleanor



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