Farm Financing Alternatives, and Then There’s Crowdfunding!

Woot! It makes me so happy every time I see an article about crowdfunding for farms. Really, as I said in the comments below the article, crowdfunding makes a lot more sense than traditional financing options. You have a lot more freedom to make choices based on what’s good for the farm, the land, the community, and so on, as opposed to what will generate the biggest, quickest profit. (Yes, yes, not every other financing model involves that but crowdfunding can remove such a substantial chunk of overhead that you might as well go ahead and toss the other factors in the bin.)

Anyhoo, enjoy this lovely article by Ben Waterman and be sure to support your local farmers’ crowdfunding campaigns, like ours, at

UVM Extension New Farmer Project

Have you thought about raising money from your neighbors to fund your farm?  What about from friends and family?  From your town, community or group of like-minded individuals?  From anyone who is willing to give (i.e., “crowdfunding”)?  How can you go about raising the money, and what should be considered?

The recently published Guide to Financing the Community Supported Farm, now available for free download, outlines the legal, accounting, environmental and social ramifications involved in alternative farm capitalization arrangements.   The 13-chapter illustrated guide was informed by experienced farmers and knowledgeable legal and financial professionals, and provides details about such mechanisms as the promissory note, the owner-financed land sale, equity financing, share leases, multi-year CSA shares and other tools that Vermont agricultural businesses can use to partner with community members to establish and grow their operations.  Also included are four case studies written by farmers who have tested these and…

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