4 Fun Things You Can Do Today to Get Ready for Spring

Robin in the snowIt’s almost time for spring. ALMOST.

We sprung our clocks forwards, but with a new cold front moving in each week sometimes it’s hard to tell that spring is coming.

I think I can safely say that EVERYONE is ready for spring, eagerly anticipating the warmer weather and all the wonderful things that spring brings — especially after this past weekend that had us dreaming of regular warm weather.

Spring will come, it always comes.

Here are four small things we can do to prepare for spring during this funny, in-between time — when the snow is still on the ground but spring birds are arriving in our yards. (Have you seen your first robin yet?)

1) Look forward to spring by taking action!
If you haven’t already, get your seeds ready, or participate in or even organize a seed swap!
(Or a transplant swap, depending on your zone and seed starting schedule.)

If you’ve managed to wait before gathering and starting ALL THE SEEDS, you may want to look for open-pollinated or even heirloom seeds, which make it possible to save seeds year after year.

Some permaculture experts like Sepp Holzer also believe open pollinated seeds are easier on pollinators. I don’t know the science behind it but I DO trust Sepp, and there’s such an abundance of open pollinated varieties to choose from that it’s easy to give the benefit of the doubt.

Extra plus with ordering seeds: expecting a delivery through the mail. Everyone loves to get a package!

2) Connect with your local Farmer’s Markets and CSA’s
Did you know that some farmers’ markets are held year round? That during peak season there are usually several farmer’s markets a week held in different locations? That there are CSAs for more than just fresh, delicious produce but also for meat, eggs, and even flowers?

Head over to Local Harvest or FoodRoutes.org and see what is going on in your neck of the woods! You might even have a Buy Fresh, Buy Local chapter in your area which can help you find local farmers, apiaries, bakers, butchers… and even if there aren’t any candlestick makers amongst your local apiarists, I betcha they know of some.

The York County chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local even puts out a free local food guide filled with juicy details on local food producers. If there’s not a BFBL chapter in your area, you can  start one yourself!

3) Hygge. Seriously. It’s a thing.
Hygge (pronounced “hYOOgah” or “hue-gah”) is a Danish word and concept- the closest English translation is “coziness”, but really means much more.  Cuddling, drinking hot cocoa, keeping warm by the fire.

It’s what the Danish do, and sometimes us non-Danish have trouble encompassing exactly what the word means. I like how Alex Beauchamp describes it on her blog: ”hygge…a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary everyday things simply extraordinary.”

I’m lucky enough to have a couple of “great Dane” friends who, years ago, introduced me to the concept in terms that clicked immediately: Hygge is vital coziness. The kind of soul-soothing “warm fuzzies” you require it to make it through long, difficult winters.

More information on hygge: “What the HELL is ‘hygge’?”

Think: thick socks, hot tea, reading a good book while snuggled up, maybe even sharing a blanket on the couch with a friend while a winter storm rages outside, and go from there.

4) Change the world.
The times they are a-changing, and it’s easier than ever to make a positive impact on causes you care about. Crowdfunding is “possible-izing” a lot of previously impossible things, and with a few clicks you can add your support to world-changing campaigns — like ours!

We are transforming the blueberry monoculture we steward into an art-filled, gift economy food forest farm, the first of its kind in York, PA!

There are plenty of logical reasons behind what we’re doing, including creating a more resilient food system, helping to introduce the concepts of perennial agriculture and gift economies to the general public, and restoring the health of this land, but it’s also because we believe there are practical and playful solutions to most of our world’s most pressing problems and this is one!

If that kind of thing floats your goat, drop by our Fundly campaign and chip in a few dollars because YOU are vital to this process!

So get busy with the hygge! Snuggle up on the couch this evening. Re-read a few of those seed catalogs. Plan an outing to farmers markets. Change the world from the comfort of your smartphone.

Enjoy this last little bit of winter before the hustle and bustle of spring is officially upon us!


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