Home Grown Security

Food Security. It’s a thing. It’s actual terminology. It has a real definition and real implications.

But, we have Food Security, right? We have an abundance of food, don’t we? Look at how many grocery stores we have, right?

If we have Food Security then why do we see this headline?

Global Food Waste at Record Levels

Real Food Security is based on availability, access, and use. This means that we have food available, we have access to food and that we use the food that we have. After seeing this can we say that we have Food Security?

We in North America waste 61% of our food because our food system, our supermarkets, are profit driven and it discourages diversification of food resources and blocks access to healthy food from those who can’t afford it.

We can change this, and we can start today.

Food security requires a diverse food system, which includes not only the conveniences of the current profit-driven food system (grocery stores as we know them have only been around since the 50s) but other production and distribution methods as well, other production and distribution methods that you can support.

Here are just a few things you can do to support Food Security for your home and for your community:

Join or Support Community gardens.
Grow your own! (Home-based food production)
Plant a backyard garden.
Try edible landscaping.
Get together with your neighbors and support a yard share.
Help friends and neighbors with gardening/food production.
Involve kids, share joy of growing things with kids so they know how, and enjoy it as they grow.
Shop for fresh produce, meets and dairy products at small farms and farmers markets
Join a CSA.
Eat out at pay-what-you-can eateries (like Healthy World Café, Karma Kitchen, etc)
Support and Promote Food forests and perennial agriculture farms.
Asking restaurants and grocery stores to use local farms and food sources.
Spread the word about the importance of food security and diverse food systems.
Learn to identity wild edibles (while not damaging or over-harvesting the food sources.)
Support creative and positive solutions like the food forest farm we’re creating.

The end of the article says, “Potential solutions to limit waste were said to include changing agricultural production techniques, making large investments in transport and storage infrastructure, and changing consumer and commercial behavior.”

That’s exactly what we are doing. That’s exactly what we are encouraging you to do. If we change, the world will change. We can do it, together.


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