Quick! Plant Something!

zombiepatiogardenposterQuick the zombies are coming! Or maybe you’re just hungry.

Ever wonder what you are going to do post-zombie apocalypse? You may have a plan for survival when the zombies attack, but have you considered what to do next? Or, more importantly, what you are going to eat?

Challenge your true sense of survival and see if you have what it takes to start your own Victory Garden once the worst is over.

Over at Zombie Apocalypse Victory Gardens characters Les and Kathy Sue are dedicated to teaching the quickest and most efficient gardening methods to get you started ASAP on the right path to post-apocalyptic gardening domination!

Zombie Apocalypse Victory Gardens offer Gardening Guides, Hints and Tips, and even have classes available if you are in the West Virginia area.

Each guide offers an entertaining comic style scenario about how to garden post-apocalypse. It is chock full of great ideas, recyclables, and how to evade the Z while growing delicious veggies. It even has a check list at the end to sum up what you need to get your garden going quick!

And even better, authors, and members of the Zombie Apocalypse Farmer Corps, Kathy Voth and Leah Ashley Esser are generously offering their first three issues of their Gardening Guide FREE as a gift to encourage their resounding idea, “Together we can save the world, one garden at a time.”

That’s exactly what we are doing here at Blueberry Girls Miracle — we want to save the world, one food forest farm at a time.

We are starting with our own food forest farm here in York, PA, but the idea and practice of sustainable living needs to spread and the urgency of an impending zombie apocalypse makes a sustainable food forest a great place to be when the going gets tough, right?

And if all you can muster is a patio garden, the Zombie Apocalypse Farmer Corps has a Guide for that.

 “Together we can save the world, one garden at a time.” –Zombie Apocalypse Victory Gardens


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