Reverence for Bees: Tour a Bee Watering Station

A friend reminded me recently about this video from Paul Wheaton of (if I could only subscribe to one permaculture-related channel on the youtubes, it would be Paul Wheaton’s channel, to be sure.)

Anyhoo! Helping bees helps everybody who, you know, eats food, and this short video gives you an excellent overview of what’s needed for a bee watering station.

I’m struck by what a lovely opportunity a bee watering station is for creating beauty. It seems like many bee-related things are that way. (Upon reflection, isn’t everything? ๐Ÿ™‚

I especially love what Paul accurately describes as Jacqueline Freeman’s reverence for bees.

So! Enjoy this quick little video, and maybe start planning your own bee watering station/work of art for when the weather starts to warm up.



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