Infinite Hope

infinite hope

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, and a lovely day to share some of the things happening with the blueberry farm and our campaign to save and transform it.

It’s pruning season on the blueberry farm, the time of year that Vanessa and I spend hours in the blueberry field trimming back the bones of the blueberry bushes, making room for new growth.

It’s cold, scratchy work that leaves our backs aching and our fingers all kinds of numb and at the same time we are surrounded by beauty, tending the land we love, and talking to the bushes in their sleep. (Yes, really.)

In a few short months the farm will burst into bloom, and the crisp air will soften and fill with birdsong and buzzing.

We’ll watch the bushes fill with bell-shaped, pink-tinted blossoms and draw in mason bees and bumblebees and oodles of other insects, some of whom we hand-pick and send on to differently green pastures (those tent moths, man, they can be a bear.)

Like the blueberry bushes, our crowdfunding campaign has lain dormant for a while, as we tended to the organizing and structuring of our non-profit organization Widespread Resilience, started Gratitude Gatherings, and ~ this part’s a real hoot ~ have been exploring the possibility of a docu-series.

More on that last part will come later, but it’s one way that we might reach a wide enough audience to raise the funds needed to save the farm. (There’s also the potential added benefit of some of Vanessa’s shenanigans being captured on film, which amuses me no end.)

Our crowdfunding platform, Fundly, allows us the flexibility to extend our campaign, which is unique and awesome.

Of course, miracles come in many forms and our story could be spread in other ways, but for now we’re working with the rhythms of nature and making room for new spring growth.

In the coming days and weeks we will share more details on our shiny new non-profit, the new gratitude-focused group Gratitude Gatherings, and more about our plans for transforming the blueberry farm into an art-filled food forest.

I hope your year has started off beautifully, and that you, too, keep infinite hope.

Much gratitude,Eleanor


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