Choosing What To Do With The Gift Of Freedom

I have the great honor of knowing Faith and Eden and their mom, and spending a good number of weekends with them here on our farm, and I am constantly blown away by how compassionate, wise, courageous and amazing these human beings are.

Please read this post, and share it widely. These girls are the future, and this fills me with hope.


It’s Veterans Day, and as always, it makes me think, not only about veterans and all they went through, the sacrifices they made, the scars they bare, but also the pain they carry, the difficulty they deal with and the misconceptions they dodge. To serve in time of war, stepping up, when you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you may in fact die. That says a lot about a person. Every service member has their reason for doing so. I thank them for that.
We were talking, not too long ago about how it feels to be outside of what people choose to see as “normal”, we talked about how people grow up, being taught to choose what brand they are, how commercials and even unwitting parents teach these children to Buy their identity and to guard it, guard it Violently, even if that identity makes them…

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