Practical Permaculture – Planting Herbs Under Fruit Trees

This is an excellent article geared towards urban homeowners (and long term renters, I suppose.)

If you are planting a fruit tree in an urban dwelling, whether you plan to stay for a couple of years or a couple of decades, perhaps consider creating a durable and attractive marker for the tree, with its variety listed on it. A lot of new homeowners have no idea what trees they’re adopting when they move into a home, and might not chop something down if they knew how useful it was.

If you’re buying a home with fruit trees on it that you don’t want to harvest or use and consider the fruit to be a “niusance”, please — before you remove it, consider registering your tree with Even if you don’t want the fruit there are people who would be tickled to get it out of your way and pollinators need every fruiting plant and then some to survive in urban areas.

Just my three cents. Enjoy the post, it’s a good one.


Backyard fruit trees are becoming increasingly popular as the locally grown food movement gains strength. A common question is what, if anything, can be grown in the area directly underneath of a tree? Traditionally, orchards were laid out in parallel lines to facilitate easy mowing and maintenance. Little more than grasses and a few native wildflowers could survive the regular mowing, this often resulted in an orchard that requires supplemental nutrients, as well as insect, fungus, disease and pest control measures.

Backyard trees often suffer the same problems that commercial orchards deal with, the only difference is the professionals have tools available that the backyard grower does not. In my personal experience, when it comes to backyard fruit trees, people want an organic permaculture based solution that will work instantaneously. You see, people who live in the city rarely ever stay in the same place for very long. Whether or…

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