Inspiration and Action

This article on how to do the “impossible” is super-inspirational (which, by the way, is helpful in making the impossible possible.

Staying focused and in a mental space of realistically optimistic (by which I mean a place from which you can work out and address the practical, step-by-step challenges between where you are and accomplishing your Big Vision) over an extended period of time is one hell of a feat.

I am immensely grateful for my “emotional cheerleaders”, and the intensity with which I yearn to see our vision of this sustainable, art-filled food forest farm fulfilled.

I’m grateful for every bit of encouragement and support because it’s been a long and uphill struggle to get our vision out there.

As soon as enough people hear about what we’re doing here, and how we are turning a terrifying situation into something fine and beautiful and beneficial, the money will come.

Of the hundreds (and hundreds? Lots!) of people we’ve spoken to about our vision, only two expressed anything other than delight and support.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty amazed at that response for what is still kind of an unconventional idea.

It’s gratifying to know that it’s not just me — the time has come for this kind of farm. Now all we need are hundreds and hundreds of thousands more people to hear about what we’re doing, and support us. Ideally before someone else comes in and buys the farm before we’ve succeeded in raising the funds.

No pressure.

Side note: In case you’re new to what we’re doing, we are caretakers on a farm (a blueberry monoculture) that has been put up for sale. We’re buying it and transforming it into a new and unconventional kind of farm filled with unusual perennial crops that don’t need watering or fertilizing. We’re filling the natural landscape with even more beauty and creativity, and then sharing the fruits of this labor of love with people as a gift.

It’s all kinds of awesome, and it’s all kinds of do-able, and you can help us by chipping in a few dollars and/or getting the word out there to your circle of influence.

Anyhoo! The article on Positively Positive was positively inspiring and I wanted to share it with you because I want YOU to be inspired to follow through with your dream.

The world needs more dreamers to take action. Let’s do just that, shall we?


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