Pie It Forward USA!

The amazing people of PieItForwardUSA are traveling the country spreading kindness and generosity… through pie! How awesome is that?

Subsisting entirely on paypal donations, (hint, hint) and the kindness of strangers for ingredients for the handmade pies, places to park the wagon house in which they travel, and occasional guest rooms and hot showers.

They’ve given pies away in more than two dozen states so far, and are traveling north now, stopping over at the farm for a bit on their way to Jenkintown, where they’ll be making pies with the mayor, then having filled happy bellies with happy pies, they’re heading towards New York and beyond spreading pie joy along the way.

Here we are with our laptops catching up on emails and the tweetybox at my favorite wifi-having Panera:

Their pies are for everyone — not just the homeless or needy but for everyone, and this is very much a labor of love.

Sarah, head pie maker and “Executive Weird Do Gooder” has made so many pie crusts by hand that she’s got her wrist wrapped in an ace bandage when she’s not making pies.

For Sarah, the pies are a metaphor for the kindness and connection between everyone involved in the pies. She bakes the pie, but hundreds or thousands of people were involved in the pie — from the farmers who grew and harvested the wheat, the millers who made the flour, the road crews who built and maintain the roads the ingredients traveled over, the shelf-stockers and cashiers in the grocery stores they get the ingredients from, the people who chip in to help buy eggs and sugar and such through their paypal pageeveryone has played a part in the pies she bakes from scratch with love and shares with people as a gift.

Here, check out their maniFEASTo, wherein Sarah describes it way better than I just did. 🙂

Here they are, making pies in Raleigh:

Her mission and motivation are beautiful, and you should totally go right now and gift them a buck or two so they can keep spreading kindness and generosity through pie!

They’re all kinds of awesome and please go give them some love!


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