Ooh! Hey!

Would you pretty please take a minute to suggest our campaign to Push For Good?

Our campaign link is http://www.fundly.com/blueberrygirlsmiracle and the article about us being chosen as Huffington Post’s Go Givers of the week, in case you’d like to refer the Push For Good folks to it, is at http://t.co/4ytSadhLpo

Our Huffington Post coverage helped to *DOUBLE* the support our campaign received over the past couple of months — and did so in a matter of *HOURS!!!*

Three people recommended us for that Huffington Post honor. Three.

And doubled the progress of the campaign to save & transform the farm in hours.

This is such a perfect illustration of how your impact goes WAY beyond the dollars you can — or can’t — personally contribute.

Your personal engagement, the actions you take to advocate for this food forest farm, they’re… well, priceless. And deeply appreciated.

You matter. A *lot!* We couldn’t make this miracle happen without your participation.

So please, right now, take a minute or two to suggest our campaign to the Push For Good folks, and let’s see how far we can go:



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