Gifting = Love

Gifting = Love, on a very practical level.

In general, if you’ve heard Halcyon or Charles Eisentein say something about gifting, I’m in alignment with it. They’re far more eloquent than I and while Gifting may be a new wheel to many there’s no need to reinvent it.

So here’s the first in several “what he said” posts. This video from Halcyon is focused on Burning Man but it applies directly to how we will be running the gift economy food forest farm.

So replace the Playa with The Farm (and dial it back from 11 to maybe, 6 or 7 most days) and this is thoroughly applicable.

Won’t a farm run on similar principles be amazing? The low overhead we’ll have from purchasing the land through crowdfunding makes it possible. I know, right? Awesome!

So come on over and participate!


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