The Art of Asking

I wasn’t able to drive out to internet to ask Amanda questions during her Reddit appearance this afternoon, but the process of running this campaign has really made me appreciate the grace and authenticity with which many successful artists, authors and other creative types ask for things.

And how effective they are at it.

Here is Amanda’s TED Talk from earlier this year. It’s good (duh) and I wanted to post it again here.

Because I want to ask you something.

I am creating an entirely new kind of farm, one that is more like an agricultural burning man than an industrial-scale monoculture, and it will be operated on a gift economy basis. It’s going to be amazing.

But here’s the thing: I need your help to make this happen. And here’s another thing: I want to ask you to participate in the farm’s creation.

Contributions are wonderful, and I’m immensely grateful for every one of you visionary, open-hearted souls who’ve shared financial gifts with and supported us — we need a lot of them to make this happen.

And: Please join us. Join with us and raise funds alongside us.

It’s easy, it’s fast, and the impact cannot be overemphasized.

Help us create this gift economy food forest farm, filled with art, where we “cultivate awesome”click the “become a fundraiser” link under the big blue button and give two minutes of your time to help this farm happen.

This farm that has the potential to change everything we think we know about agriculture and the food system.

You know, in addition to being a whole lot of fun.


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