You may have noticed it’s been a few days since I posted anything. Yep. It may be a couple more, in fact.

When I recognized that I was reaching a state of frantic “what on earth am I doing wrong? What do I do to get people engaged about this? It’s such a good idea that’s universally loved by everyone I speak with directly but where are all the people working with us to get the word out? This isn’t just awesome it’s really really important! Omgwtf?!” my gut said it was time to take a step back, breathe, trust, and do the creative and supportive things that were in front of me.

Since that moment, I have helped a few dear ones closer to some big dreams, and had some really lovely experiences (as if my days weren’t already overflowing with those.)

An awesome rockstar illustrator (literally) is working on the comic version of my Zombie PSA concept, and we will be filming our very very homemade Zombie PSA video soon.

I think that bringing more playfulness into the process (because the “finished” farm will be all *kinds* of playful) will be of immense benefit. And yes, zombies are soooo 2011, but they’re still a very real threat and they still don’t eat fruit. Or sparkle.

We had some really, really useful consulty goodness with a brilliant and bright-hearted dear one who just happens to be an astoundingly good wordsmith, and we’ll be making a special drive out to interwebs to implement her suggested adjustments to the blog/website.

Wonderful things have been happening on the farm, including expanding our tiny firepit to fit our first shaman-led Despacho ceremony, and a number of creative bits which are leading to even more creative bits. Our nonprofit formation is chugging along and when I add it all up I’m really impressed with the last few weeks.

I’m not sure we’ll be hitting our 88 co-fundraisers goal before the end of August but there’s always hope. It’s springy, and eternal.

Anyhoo. I will be leaping facefirst into the fray again soon, but with a refreshed heart, and refreshed heart, and ready to connect with the hundreds of kindred spirits who are vital to the success of our radically visionary undertaking. Rock the fuck on, namaste and all that.


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