88 Co-Fundraisers!

Blueberry season is officially over, which means folks won’t be coming up to the berry stand and hearing about our crowdfunding campaign and our plans for the farm.

So! We need to take this whole social media thing to an entirely new level.

Our goal for August is not a monetary goal but one of gathering kindred spirits together. Will you help?

Our goal is to have 88 co-fundraisers by the end of August.

88 people who have taken a couple of minutes, clicked the “become a fundraiser!” link below the “make a donation” button, typed a few words saying what they like about our plans for a food forest farm infused with art and spirit and operated on a gift economy basis, and then shared it with their spheres of influence

(Bonus points for getting your friends on board as fundraisers, too ~ you could make it a friendly competition, even !)

You don’t need to contribute to be a fundraiser, by the way, which makes it possible to be SUPER HELPFUL even if you can’t chip in ten bucks just yet.

So!! If you know me, if you know Vanessa, if you’ve heard about the farm and/or care about sustainability, or making small changes to have a huge impact on the world, go now to Fundly.com/BlueberryGirlsMiracle and click the “become a fundraiser” button, and help us meet our goal of 88 co-fundraisers in August! (And, you know, saving the farm!!)


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