If the birds won’t eat it…

I started this as a comment on a Facebook thing but felt it was worthy of expanding on and sharing with you here.

When we first came on as caretakers of the blueberry farm, I asked the current owner what methods we’d be using to keep the bird predation low because I’d read so much about the huge impact birds had on blueberry harvests and the elaborate measures employed to try to keep berry losses to a minimum.

When she told us that the birds weren’t a problem because they didn’t eat the berries, neither did we that first year, because yikes!

Thankfully she allowed us to manage the field *without* herbicides (and *with* a jillion hours of hand-weeding! :>) This was an enormous act of faith, because she’d had some issues with previous caretakers and chest-high grass and weeds on opening day.

Now, our 2nd year and 3rd blueberry season in, there’s all *kinds* of wildlife chomping down, which is part of the charm of our relaxed, natural setting.

Vanessa has had deer ignore her — while running at them hollering and waving her arms, mind you — while grazing on ripe berries. I passed a huge family of wild turkeys heading up to the field yesterday afternoon, and now that the season is winding down, following the bird chatter helps you find the bushes that still have a few berries on them.

When our campaign to save the farm and transform it into a sustainable food forest farm operated on a gift economy succeeds, we’ll be helping spread the word about the importance of growing and eating food that nourishes rather than extinguishes life.

This area is an agricultural area swiftly being overtaken by “development,” and in addition to the food forest polycultures planted with mainly human harvest in mind, we’ll also be establishing food plots, “wildlife gardens” and plenty of pollinator-supporting plants that are there to do exactly that.

We want to create an oasis here where people can experience the beauty and interconnectedness of natural systems ~ and our place within it ~ in restorative, beauty-filled ways that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to encounter.

If you want to help us do that, chip in a few bucks (little bits are how this happens, we’re not going for a small number of deep-pocket donors, but a whole bunch of everyday folks who know we MUST change the food system, and small direct action on your part is crucial) at Fundly.com/BlueberryGirlsMiracle

Or hell, join in and fundraise with us. Please!

Monsanto’s got tons of money and no soul (and apparently no concern for the survival of humanity) — we need every bit of help we can get to create something different, and (I think) way better.

Are you in?
Say yes!

go to Fundly.com/BlueberryGirlsMiracle and join in however feels most fulfilling to you, whether that means contributing ten bucks, a hundred, or signing up as a fundraiser and reaching out to people you know who care about wildlife, the environment, food security, beauty, wonder, interconnectedness or just happy endings to scary situations!

We’re already doing things differently, and with your help we can really make a big impact on how our food system works — for every living thing, from the soil to the birds to the people picking fruit off the bushes and putting it directly in their mouth.

Please actively support our crowdfunding campaign to create a sustainable food forest farm at Fundly.com/BlueberryGirlsMiracle


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