Blueberries Dwindling, Campaign Growing


There aren’t many berries left on the bushes, so the tractor fits between the rows again.

Blueberry season is wrapping up, which means fewer visitors to the farm and fewer people walking away inspired about our vision, with handfuls of cards and flyers to spread around.

So it’s even more important that we get your help spreading the word about our campaign to transform a personal crisis into a sustainable gift economy farm.

Please consider becoming a fundraiser; it’s free, it’s easy, it’s such a big help.

All you have to do to become a fundraiser is click the “Become a fundraiser!” link below the big “make a contribution” button on our main campaign page, and in minutes you can create a fundraising page with your own photos, your own story, and what you feel is most important about creating a sustainable food forest farm run on a gift economy.

Are you passionate about the dangers of industrial agriculture? The importance of sustainable food production? Gift economies? Reacting to challenges in proactive ways that make the world better? Do you just think a food forest farm infused with art and spirit sounds so awesome you want to be involved however you can?

Awesome! Please join in because we need YOU to be a part of this miracle!


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