Do you have any idea how important you are?

Hey. I was just wondering… do you have any idea how important you are?

Seriously. Like, do ever think about all of the lives affected by the simplest of your everyday choices? Paper or plastic, walk or ride, fair trade, cruelty-free?

Every action you take — and every action you don’t take — has an impact on the world. It’s called the butterfly effect, which sounds lovely, and it can be.


This thing we’re doing — whether you’re viewing it from the lens of turning a personal crisis into something that will have a positive effect on an entire community, whether you’re vibing with the sustainable food forest farm aspect, whther it’s the art and spirit part, or whether it’s the gift economy aspect of things that really lights you up — you are pivotal.

We can only do this with your participation.

You are the key ingredient here, the miracle worker. We have the vision, we are in place, and we are ready to start creating this food forest farm infused with art and spirit, and we know in our bones that this gift economy farm will have a subtle but profound impact on the overall resilience of this area, and we really, really hope you understand how important what you do next is to the success of this entire process.

Right now, please actively participate in our campaign in a way that feels good to you. Contribute, click support, or better yet, click the become a fundraiser link under the big donate button and fundraise along with us, reaching out to your friends and asking them to do the same.

What you do right now is so important.

Please join in, and let’s change the world a bit together.


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