Our First Real Press Interview, Part One

Zohmigosh! What a day — so full of good stuff!

I’m barely caught up on emails, but our interviewer was an absolute *delight* and made the process a breeze.I was so nervous beforehand, especially about the photos. The photographer was so subtle, it was painless ~ fingers crossed I wasn’t grinning like a loon. Or that if I was, it comes across well.

She seems enthusiastic about what we’re doing, too, to the point that she’s going to pitch our story as a sunday edition spread, and see if she can get a videographer out to the farm. !!!

There could be even more serendipity in this situation, but I’ll keep it a surprise until it happens. :>

I’ve also gotten a couple of radio show invitations to talk about our campaign and gift economy farm, from people I respect and admire — more squee!

And I got a wonderful call from a lovely and super-helpful VP at Fundly, our crowdfunding platform, and they’re gifting (notice a theme here? :>) some features so that we can beta test them, because our situation is so unique.

Yep. I suppose running an increasingly successful crowdfunding campaign from an iPhone with one bar of service in the middle of a farm is kind of unique. Can you believe what’s possible these days? It’s just plain mindblowing!

It feels very much like this is all a seed that has quickened and just begun to break the surface of the soil. It’s about to grow like crazy, and bloom into something truly exquisite.
I’m so grateful to be able to do this, and to have so much support and encouragement from so many amazing people.

So. Much. Gratitude.



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