Continued Serendipity


It’s a lovely, albeit moist and cloudy day here on the blueberry farm.

Sundays are often slow days during blueberry season, which has the added benefit of having time to discuss what we’e doing with the farm with people who are interested, and working to catch up with an impressive email backlog.

A few minutes ago, I met a biology teacher at one of the local colleges, and we discussed the various opportunities for her students here on the farm.

In particular, I’m tickled that my theory about a cure for the mummyberry virus that’s sweeping through commercial blueberry operations (mostly chemically managed monocultures, like this farm used to be) might an ideal situation for several students.

Since I don’t have a strong science background, or know the specific protocols to follow during a study to make it provable/replicatable, this could develop into a really beneficial situation for everyone.

Yesterday I met a delightful engineer who works in the steel industry nearby, but is also a hydroponics expert and sustainable gardening enthusiast (and is growing glass gems corn — squee!) and in a very short time, he’d shared some really excellent ideas and suggestion for sustainable winter gardening of which I’d not yet heard.

That’s something I really love about this place during blueberry season, is how much serendipity there is, and there will always be fabulous new things to discover.

Encoro empario, and all that. 🙂

It’s exciting to know that as our campaign succeeds and we start implementing our plans, the degree of serendipity is simply going to increase.

I’m cool with that. How ’bout you?


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