“At its core, money is a beautiful concept”


If you haven’t read Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein, I highly recommend you do so — it’s a beautiful book, and the concepts in it need to spread through our culture like wildfire.

Here’s a quote from the very first chapter:

“At its core, money is a beautiful concept. Let me be very naive for a moment so as to reveal this core, this spiritual (if not historical) essence of money.

I have something you need, and I wish to give it to you. So I do, and you feel grateful and desire to give something to me in return. But you don’t have anything I need right now. So instead you give me a token of your gratitude—a useless, pretty thing like a wampum necklace or a piece of silver.

That token says, “I have met the needs of other people and earned their gratitude.” Later, when I receive a gift from someone else, I give them that token. Gifts can circulate across vast social distances, and I can receive from people to whom I have nothing to give while still fulfilling my desire to act from the gratitude those gifts inspire within me.”

Honestly, that pretty much wipes out the concept of money being the root of all evil, doesn’t it? Instead, it seems like divorcing the gift from money might be that pesky root.

Let’s work to reconnect the gift, shall we?

Speaking of reconnecting the gift, Eisenstein offers his books on a gifting basis!

If you’re too broke right now to buy the paperback yet, he’s put his entire book online — as a gift. If you feel moved to send a return gift, there are buttons for paypal and WePay. Beautiful, beautiful. I love seeing more and more of this kind of exchange opportunity!



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