Blueberry News

In blueberry news, the mad dash to keep up with the spilling forth of all things green is in full swing.


There’s lushness sprouting from every conceivable nook and cranny, and the trimming and pulling and mowing and weeding — it kind of reminds me of trying to “keep up with twitter”, of all things. A laughable enterprise — there’s just so much! (And it’s all so beautiful, even — especially — the green things popping up through cracks in the driveway. I have a soft spot in my heart for Life that bursts through obstacles like that. I put off pulling them until the last possible minute before opening day. It’s one of our duties as caretakers, so it gets done, but it’s done with respect and a little foot-dragging.)

Today we finally got the farm’s opening day invitations sent out.


I’m always pleasantly amazed at how Vanessa and I can turn the most incredibly tedious task into something enjoyable.

The envelopes had to be hand-fed through the printer, all 700 of them, and then the invitations tucked in (a tight fit), envelopes sealed and stamped and boxed.


Simple. Time consuming. Surprisingly not mind-numbing, although ti was a loooong night. Good company makes all the difference. :>


Two weeks till the blueberry season officially starts on the farm — one way or the other, this will be the last year we post price signs ($3/lb), and it’s an interesting feeling.
I believe good things are going to happen, and there’s just so much serendipity in our lives; next season I fully intend to be posting “how this works” signs instead of price lists.

Here’s to infinite possibility, and the gathering of kindred visionaries!


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