I was just exchanging messages with a friend who is helping us with wording, and mid-sentence my eye was drawn to the window, where the first firefly I’ve seen this season was glowing against the glass.

It reminded me of Joss Whedon talking about the fanbase of his show Firefly, and how they all came together to make the movie Serenity possible. At one point he says “We’ve done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.” and even just typing it out, I get a little choked up.

Sure, it’s “just a movie” (side note: did you know that entertainment is America’s largest export?) but more importantly it’s the manifestation of a dream, brought into reality by the dedication and support of oodles and oodles of people passionate about the same thing and making something that used to be impossible, possible. Just because it was countless hours of sweat and toil and laughter doesn’t diminish the magic of the thing.

This dream of ours, the whole concept of creating a gift economy farm (and the concept of a replicatable framework to make other gift economy ventures possible) it used to be impossible. It used to be the kind of thing that required an organization, and a staff, and more often than not, enormous compromises that could throw the whole thing off target.

It used to be impossible. Things are different now. You’re making it possible.

Thanks for that. :>


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