The 10 Gifting Commandments

John Halcyon Styn of HugNation posted this fabulous link to the 10 Gifting Commandments, and I wanted to share them with you.

One of the (umpteen) interesting things about the process of sharing our dreams with everyone is how many people automatically “get” the whole concept of a farm run on a gift economy and at the same time, how many people are new to the concept of gifting.

Well, there may be a better word than “new” because I believe it’s firmly ingrained in our DNA to want to give, and to share things because it feels good, and to see people happy because that, too, gives us major warm fuzzies (unless we’re in a kind of a messed up head/heartspace, but I also think the process of spreading joy can help realign us when we’re out of whack.)

So go take a peek at the 10 Gifting Commandments; share them with people, and perhaps explore your life for opportunities to practice Giftivism!



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