We Are Changing EVERYTHING!!

Holy cow!! Have you seen this? Have you seen this?!?!?

Individual people are using crowdfunding to band together and purchase the Tribune Company, which publishes some of the nation’s more influential newspapers (Baltimore Sun, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and more.)

We, the people are giving billionaire bad guys like the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch a run for their money — more importantly, putting the FREE back in the free press. How beautiful and amazing is that?

Yes, $600 million is a BOATLOAD of cash, but not when we all step up and chip in a little. That’s the thing about crowdfunding — it has put power back in the hands of the people. Only, not all the people have recognized that we’re holding it again.

We chipped in five bucks. It’s not a whole lot but here’s the thing — it doesn’t have to be! Philanthropy isn’t about being wealthy, it’s about supporting things that are dear to your heart. A free press? That’s pretty effin’ dear. The vast majority of mainstream media outlets are controlled by a whopping THREE corporations. There’s not much objective about that, folks.

So, why bother chipping in five bucks for a project that’s going to require $660 million dollars to pan out? Because that’s how it happens. Each one of us, giving what we can, when we can, to the things we care about.

Really, pause for a moment and think about how many people with very little income spend one or two dollars on a thing per day in this country, like, say, dollar menu fries, or lottery tickets, etc. It adds up, but traditionally it has added up in the pockets of large organizations who don’t always have the peoples’ best interests in mind.

Crowdfunding gives us the ability to shake things up in a completely new way!

Singer/Songwriter/Shaker-Upper Amanda Palmer has a kind of a rallying call that We Are The Media (it’s even in her tongue-in-cheek song Map of Tasmania) and we really are! A lot of us have simply forgotten, or worse, have been shirking our responsibility.

We each have the opportunity to change that. We each have the opportunity to step up and be the change we wish to see in the world.

I hope that you will embrace your power to change the world with a few bucks. Whether our campaign to save the blueberry farm and run it on a gift economy is what stokes your enthusiasm, or if it’s the idea of a free press untainted by cartoonishly evil ne’er-do-wells, or both, or something completely different — I hope you make your voice heard. I hope you make your mark on our world. And I hope it stirs your soul to even bigger and better things.

We’re living in revolutionary times, my friend, and together, we can do anything.


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