You’re 5 Times More Awesome

Did you know you’re 5 times more awesome than foundations when it comes to philanthropy?


It makes sense, what with the very word philanthropy meaning “love of humankind,” but when numbers start to get big it can be easy to think that only large, deep-pocketed corporations and foundations with full-time fundraising staff can make a difference.

But that’s pure weapons-grade balonium!

In 2011 the total philanthropic giving by corporations was $15 billion.

Pretty big number, right? That’s a lot of social change there, one would imagine.

(Let’s ignore, for the moment, the whole subject of externalized costs and whatnot that make that big shiny number downright shameful and just say yay, $15 billion is a lot of world-changing fuel.)

Foundations gave almost three times that, with $42 billion given in 2011. Wowza! That’s a buncha bucks!

But guess what, my probably-not-a-billionaire friend?

Individuals blew corporations and foundations out of the water with a total of $218 billion given in 2011.

You, an individual, are 5 times more generous than an organization whose entire purpose is to make a positive impact on the world.


You are a freakin’ powerhouse of positive change.

So please, don’t let the cultural hypnosis myth of “big numbers belong to big organizations” keep you from doing what you can for causes you care about.

You can make a difference. You DO make a difference.

And that’s freakin’ awesome.

5 times more awesome, in fact.

Even more awesome that that is that when calculated as a percentage of income, the “neediest” are the most charitable.

Please share some of that awesome of yours over on our Fundly campaign to save the farm. Support our campaign. Chip in a few bucks, whatever’s comfortable, and help us do what big organizations think we as individuals can’t do.

Are you ready to rock your newfound superhero powers?



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