Yep. We do that. With love.

In Daniele Laporte’s gorgeous and heart-refueling piece,  The Manifesto Of Encouragement, she declares that somewhere, a farmer is watching his organic crops grow, whispering “nourish them.”

Yep, we do that.

We can’t call the blueberries organic, technically, because it requires exuberantly expensive certification to do so (hmm…. but not to spray toxins on the food… systemic silliness!) but we really do talk to them, and when we’re working in the field we actually do send out love, and get major warm fuzzies from the fact that people will be nourished by not only the blueberries themselves, but by the energy of the land, and the love we put into what we do here.

fat cheeks photo

That’s the face of love. (And the hair of wet.)

Today has been a bright, clear sunny (albeit chilly) day and we’ve been weed-whacking between the bushes.

We’ll be experimenting with living ground covers when we’ve saved the farm, like daikon radishes and.. I’m getting ahead of myself again (I get so excited about healing the land and working with nature, I can’t help it!)

Back on point: let me tell you, this is definitely a labor of love. Yes, the physical aspect of it is a bear — thank god Vanessa does the lion’s share of that, because those machines get heavy, fast!

But it’s like tending anything you love — I’m reminded of babysitting the brilliant daughters of some dear friends. It’s work, man, but it’s done with real love, and it’s deeply gratifying. Soul-filling.

That’s it, exactly! Soul-filling.

We’ve all had things we would describe as soul-sucking, and that’s because there’s no love in it.

There’s love here.We nurture it, and it grows. It’s nourishing.

Side note: did you know that love is healing? Well, you probably did, but now scientists are doing more and more research, and that’s wonderful.

I believe that eventually that will translate into more and more people doing what they love because they love it.

Like us. And this land. And you, hopefully, and supporting our campaign.

Here’s hoping you have a love-ly day!


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