A Million Things


Welcome! This post from May 2013 is an excellent place to start if this is your first visit.

So, you may have noticed that the current goal meter on our Fundly campaign has a wayyyy smaller number than the total we have to raise to save the farm (which is almost a million dollars.)

Here’s why: We know it’s possible, and you may know it’s possible, but a lot of people will look at the huge goal meter and think “Holy crap! My contribution can’t make a dent in THAT!” and wander away, dejected. But wait. Can’t it?

bbg-weeding-2-Picture-310Imagine for a moment that you’re a blueberry farmer, and you’ve just walked into the blueberry field on a beautiful spring day to start weeding the blueberry bushes by hand, so that no poisons get sprayed on the weeds.

If you stand there and look at the whole field, realizing how much labor is involved in the entire task, you’d be likely to put your gloves in your pocket and go get some herbicide.

But that’s not the kind of thinking that moves humanity forward.

So you focus, instead, on the bush in front of you. And you weed that bush, talking to it and listening to the hawks scree’ing overhead and the wind in the trees and maybe with a little smile on your face you lose yourself in the work. Then you look up, and you’re almost a quarter of the way through that row — sweet!

If you then look again at the whole field, there goes the wind from your sails. Kerflump!

Your shoulders ache, your hands are sore and there’s no freaking way this can be done, it just can’t, it’s too big!

If you’re looking at the whole field, it’s gonna seem insurmountable.

So here’s a thought: Don’t look at the whole field.

Look at the bush in front of you. And then look at how much of that row you’ve done, and then, when you’re close to the *end* of that row, pat yourself on the back and allow yourself to peek at the next row, if you really want to.


Keep breaking the task into manageable chunks and keep moving forward.

Eventually — longer than you’d like, but sooner than you expected — you’ll have weeded the whole field! Rock on with your bad self!!

Now — just for a minute, imagine if maybe it wasn’t just you weeding just one bush.

Imagine that all your friends were in that field with you to weed a bush or two.

Everybody weeding and enjoying the weather and blowing dandelion seeds into the wind (and not pulling any dandelions up because they’re amazing nutrient accumulators and they actually help improve the soil).

It would go a LOT faster, wouldn’t it?

You bet it would!

And what if, just maybe, your friends brought their friends along?

Instead of a whole bunch of days full of weeding, maybe it’s down to one weekend, with a big old bonfire at the end lighting up everybody’s happy satisfied accomplished faces.

Okay, now imagine this: What if your friends’ friends’ friends showed up to weed one bush each?

Dude. You could weed the whole field in like, an hour… or less!!

This is what we’re doing with the lower goal amount.

The shoulder-slumping, soul-sucking “holy crap that’s a lot of freaking money to raise” myth can drain the oomph out of anybody.

The marvelous and brilliant Fundly platform allows us to change our goal amount during the campaign, which is exactly what we’re going to do.

“A million things” is a lot of things for a human brain to grok. In America, we spend $407,123,287 on fast food every day, which is around $97 million per hour. Hard to wrap your brain around, right?

Doesn’t slow it down from happening.

Fast food restaurants have a lot of advertising and signage and dollar menus (and some folks would say addictive ingredients) to help speed them along, but we’ve got something even more powerful and magical.

You. You, and us, and our friends’ friends’ friends.

All of our hope and vision and a few dollars at a time, working toward weeding this field without poison, and with love.

It’ll be the best bonfire ever. You’re invited.

Please join in, and bring your friends along, by clicking the “become a fundraiser” link and creating your own page for our campaign. You can add your own photos, talk about what it is about our vision that inspires you — what resonates with you about a sustainable food forest garden infused with art and spirit and run on a gift economy basis (or about turning a personal crisis into an opportunity that will positively impact an entire community!)

The more friends we bring together, the faster we can get this done! And this is a lot easier than weeding! Click the “become a fundraiser” link under the big donate button and fundraise along with us.


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