What She Said: Marianne Williamson on Love and Money

In her recent book The Law Of Divine Compensation, Marianne Williamson writes:

“To want love, or to believe in the power of love — all that is wonderful. But where the rubber meets the spiritual road is at that place where we decide to act on love.

One place where putting love first is not always easy is the area of money.

This isn’t because the issue is more complicated than any other area of life — it’s just the entrenched thinking of the world that profit, not love, is the bottom line.

In a world that is dominated by scarcity, that thought makes sense. In a world where scarcity doesn’t even exit, it makes no sense at all.”

Yes!!! This.

Later in the same chapter she goes on to say:

“Making love the bottom line doesn’t mean that you’re compelled to do anything anyone ever asks you to do. Love always gives the loving response — but sometimes the loving response is ‘no.’

But making love the bottom line does mean that we take seriously the idea that we are on the earth to do as love would have us do, and to do with our resources only what we are internally guided to do.”

I got chills when I first read this. It was one of those deep internal clicks that happens when fine words are draped around one of my deeply-held (but somewhat clumsily articulated) beliefs and, like many other pieces of Marianne Williamson’s work, I agreed aloud. Enthusiastically.

We are each here to do something uniquely important, and there’s no one on the entire planet who has the same blend of talent, experience, worldview and passions as we do. I respectfully take issue with Chuck Palahniuk’s line in Fight Club that we’re not all unique little snowflakes. Yes we are, sir. Yes we fucking are.

My personal aggregate of truths, my entire life to this point, has led me to the doorstep of the beautiful, astounding miracle of a farm run on love, and it is together that we open the door.

I can’t wait to watch this miracle unfold, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you, for being here with us. Let’s go change the world!

Please contribute to our Fundly campaign to save the farm we love and run it on a gift economy basis.


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