What He Said: John Ikerd on Sustainability

In an interview with Acres U.S.A. Magazine (highly recommended, btw) John Ikerd said:

As long as we allow economic values to dominate what we do individually or what we do in our communities, or what we do through public policy, we will continue to live in an unsustainable society.

The social inequity will continue to grow, and the environmental problems and pollution will continue to grow because there’s simply no economic incentive to do those things that are absolutely necessary for the long-run sustainability of human life on earth.

It’s gratifying to have my beliefs echoed by folks with far fancier credentials and decades more experience than me; John Ikerd is a former professor of economics and after decades of teaching about agricultural economics in an unsustainable way* he’s now a well-respected philosopher of sustainability.

His book Small Farms Are Real Farms: Sustaining People Through Agriculture is published by Acres U.S.A.


This is not a weed. This is food, medicine and beauty.


*Just think — a lot of the folks making big policy decisions were educated during a time when flawed economic and agricultural theories were being taught.

We as a society have the opportunity to make enormous positive shifts by taking small actions on a personal level that support a more sustainable world.

Supporting our Fundly campaign (which launches May 11) is one of those small actions you can take. I sure hope you will!



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