Dandelion Love!

This charming video on Paul Wheaton’s channel (another highly recommended place to put some of your attention) explains part of why I love dandelions so much.

Dandelions (along with chicory and purple archangel) represent, to me, the unconditional love and generosity of nature.

Imagine the shift in… well, a bunch of things, if people in general stopped seeing dandelions as a scourge, an enemy worthy of chemical attack, and started seeing themselves surrounded by free food, medicine and beauty.

I bet those root-pulling weeding tools would sell even better, ’cause outside of the garden it’s not always easy to get the whole root out when you want to dry it for tea.

Anyhoo! I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope that if seeing dandelions doesn’t already make you smile, they do now.



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